Aims and Visions

Aims and Visions


"Our children are the magic in our vision, our development and our future success. As parents, carers, teachers, governors and the wider  community we will work together to inspire, enthuse and broaden the horizons of every child at every stage of their  development. "

Aims and Objectives

At Gurnos Nursery, we aim to provide a broad and balanced Foundation Phase curriculum that allows every child to develop lifelong skills.

  • To ensure all children acquire the essential skills in language and communication and numeracy; and develop the ability to use these effectively
  • To create a climate of understanding, care, worth and mutual respect
  • To ensure equality for all by delivering a curriculum which gives all children the chance to realise their full potential
  • To promote learners bilingual skills and reflect the language and culture of Wales
  • To provide activities that children find meaningful and stimulating
  • To help children develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to reason
  • To develop our core values : independence, curious, confident, enthusiastic, respectful and happy
  • To create a working environment that all staff find stimulating and supportive; where their contributions and skills are recognised and valued
  • To provide staff with opportunities for professional development
  • To provide value for money within a balanced budget
  • To maintain a sound working relationship between staff and governors for the benefit of the whole school community