Class Two

Class Two

Your teachers in class two are

 In our ‘base room’ this year our theme is the Jungle Book. We come in to our base room for register, whole class teaching time, story time and to sing rhymes and songs. Here the children take part in the ‘Morning routine’ and use the interactive whiteboard,  to discuss the weather, number of children in the class and day of the week. This is done in both english and welsh.

In our base room each child has their own square mat with their unique picture on. These mats help the children to know where to sit. Here, the children learn to sit nicely, listen, take part in discussions with their peers and to work with a partner.

Our class and whole school theme this year is the Foggy, Foggy Forest. This theme will take us on a fairy tale journey, and we will be reading stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk.

To help your child at home, some basic skills to practice with your child are:

  • Counting to 10/ 20 and backwards
  • Recognising numbers 0-5
  • Recognising name
  • Recognising basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • Read stories with your child as often as possible
  • Practice mark-making with your (from colouring to pretend writing)

The teachers are always happy to help or give any other information to parents, so please feel free to ask.