National Categorisation

The Welsh Government continues to strive to ensure that all schools in Wales are providing high quality education. As part of this process, a new system of categorisation was introduced to all maintained education settings so that all schools can be provided with the support that is necessary to them, in order to secure ongoing improvement.

The system is about providing support and encouraging improvement by putting schools into a position that enables them to identify the factors that contribute to their progress and achievement, or what areas to focus on to achieve further development. It is simply a way of identifying schools which require support, and the level of support required. It is not a system for labelling schools performance or creating league tables amongst schools.

Schools are rated as being:

Green - Highly Effective school requiring no support.

Yellow - Effective School requiring little support. 

Amber - In need of improvement. Support is required on a more regular basis.

Red - In need of greatest improvement. Support is essential.


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