Learning - The Foundation Phase Curriculum

At Gurnos Nursery we follow the Foundation Phase Curriculum. This curriculum is centered around providing experiential learning opportunities and allows the children to engage in creative, real-life and fun activities which will allow them to develop to their full potential.

The Foundation Phase Curriculum places a great emphasis on hands on, active involvement and nurturing each child's:

  • Skills and understanding
  • Personal and intellectual well-being
  • Positive attitudes to learning
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Creative, expressive and observational skills

There are seven Areas of Learning in the Foundation Phase

Personal, Social, Well Being and Cultural diversity

This sits at the heart of the curriculum. Children’s skills are developed across all areas of the curriculum through participation in experiential learning activities both indoors and outdoors.

Language, Literacy and Communication

Children are immersed in language rich experiences and activities. Their skills are developed through talking, singing, communicating and listening.


Children will develop their skills through oral, practical and play activities. They will be encouraged to apply mathematics and problem solve in practical tasks.

Welsh Language Development

Children will be encouraged to communicate in Welsh to the best of their ability. They will have the opportunity to listen and respond to Welsh in familiar situations.

Physical Development

Children will be encouraged to develop spatial awareness, balance control, gross and fine motor skills.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Children will be given experiences to help them increase their curiosity about the world around them.

Creative Development

Children will be encouraged to develop their imagination and creativity. Their natural curiosity and disposition to learn will be stimulated by using sensory experiences, both indoors and out.

Welsh at Gurnos Nursery

At Gurnos Nursery we aim to encourage an  enthusiasm and an enjoyment of Welsh within       children and also an awareness of the rich cultural background that Wales possesses. By speaking,  reading, singing and listening  in Welsh, we hope that the children will develop a positive attitude towards the Welsh language. They will leave our school with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding of Welsh on which to build through the ‘Cwricwlwm Cymreig’ learning journey.

Collective Worship

Our Religious Education seeks to ensure that children develop a respect, tolerance and an understanding of all religions. We do this in whole school assemblies by reading stories and learning new songs.


We also respect and embrace children from other cultures. We introduce the children to celebrations and customs from different religions. We also try to encourage parents from different cultures to visit school and talk to children about their differences.