School Day

School Day

9.00: School starts

9.00-9.15: settling in period.  Children are able to play and chat with their teachers and friends.

9.15-9.45: Registration and morning routine. Children are registered and complete the ‘Morning routine’ with their teacher. In the morning routine children discuss the weather, the day of the week and how many boys and girls are in school today. This is done in English and Welsh. The teacher then shares with the children what they are learning today

9.45-10.45: Activity time. Children take part in activities as individuals, pairs or in groups with a teacher. They also get the opportunity to play in the different areas of the classroom where the Teachers have carefully set out activity to further challenge them in their learning.

10.45-11.00: Assembly/ Circle Time. On Monday’s children enjoy a singing assembly with a R.E themed story. On a Wednesday the children have a Welsh Assembly where they sing Welsh songs and listen to a Welsh story. On a Friday the children attend a special Award Assembly. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the Teachers holds circle time activities.

11.00-11.20: Play Time

11.20-11.30: Preparation for lunch (hand washing etc.)

11.30-12.30: Lunch Time Click here to see the lunch menu

12.30-12.50: Registration and Teaching Time

12.50-1.50: Activity Time. As explained above, the children take part in learning activities with their teacher which have been specifically planned to help each child move on to the next steps of their learning.

1.50-2.10: Story Time. The children return to their class base room to enjoy a quiet story with their teacher.

2.10-2.20: Milk and snack time. Milk and snack time is seen as a social time and the perfect opportunity for teachers to sit with the children in small groups and model the different skills required for children to hold conversations with one another.

2.20-2.40: Play Time

2.40-2.50: Tooth Brushing

2.50-3.00: Prayers and preparation for home time

3.00: The school day ends